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More than 100 publications for the project Aristotle in the vernacular!

More than 100 publications for the project Aristotle in the vernacular!

The project Aristotle in the Italian Vernacular: Rethinking Renaissance and Early-Modern Intellectual History (c. 1400–c. 1650) has just passed the number of 100 publications and many more are ready to come in the following months. At this final stage of the project has lead at the following groundbreaking discoveries: (1) vulgarizations of Aristotle’s works were aimed at … Continue reading

Description of the project

This project funded by the European Research Council has as its main objective to provide the first comprehensive analysis of works written on Aristotle in Italian between c. 1400 and c. 1650. During this period, around 250 works—including translations, commentaries, compendia, dialogues, poems, and other compositions—attempted to broaden people’s familiarity with the most systematic philosopher of antiquity. Although the movement to translate Aristotle into Italian was hugely significant and foreshadowed many of the features of early modern philosophy, it has barely been studied. This project, which brings together the strengths of research teams in Venice and Warwick, will thus offer the first in-depth exploration of this phenomenon. By taking into consideration the whole range of writings on Aristotle—from speculative to civil philosophy and from translations through to poems—it will provide a more nuanced understanding of how philosophy was understood and practiced outside of the elite, Latin circles of universities and religious orders.

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